On June 29th, the space of Sadie Halie Projects will be a character throughout the evening: Emmy Catedral will provide blank spherical balloons for all guests to draw on, creating a low-ceilinged accumulation of "Earth analogs." We welcome your thoughts and drawings of alternate topographies.Nick Juravich will present a local history of the neighborhood and of New York City, illustrated by nothing but what exists in the garage and the sky from the sidewalk. Jordon Schranz will present a revision of a sound work debuted in a previous AASV session, merging the recorded sound frequencies of bodies from our Solar System, with the live frequencies in the room. Lap Le will present a series of short narrative fiction pieces that originated as SMS messages. We’ll get a sense of what Lap wants or is afraid of in the present future. Finally, Ariana van Gelder will explain how we know cosmological expansion is accelerating, why the discovery is problematic, and how she uses extra dimensions to solve the dark energy problem.

Emmy Catedral: Ongoing
Jordon Schranz: Ongoing
Lap Le: 8PM
Ariana van Gelder: 8:45PM
Nick Juravich: 9:30PM

AASV Installation.
Lap Le reads some of his recent sci-fi writing.
Ariana Van Gelder presents on dark energy.
Nick Juravich gives an experimental history of Sunset Park.

Sadie Halie Projects; Copyright 2012

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