Invite courtesy of Hot Sundae
'Neal Marlens and Carol Black: The Wonder Years' Installation Shot
'Role Playing' by Willie Wayne Smith

'Airplane, air pump, America by Jean Baudrillard, Art in America Jan. 2012, boulder, bowler hat, brick, colored pencil, eraser, felt, gold pocket watch, gouche, graphite, ink, ink jet prints, J. Grubers Almanack 2012, latex balloon, rubber chicken, Mythologies by Roland Barthes, Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre, skull, springs, sword, tarot cards, and wig.' by Cheyenne Seeley

Left: 'No Ideas But in Rainbows (for W.C. Williams)' Right: 'Along the Bias (for Tom)' by Charles Matson Lume
'Along the Bias (for Tom)' by Charles Matson Lume

Drinking and smoking crowd outside the gallery.

Sadie Halie Projects; Copyright 2012

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